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What do I need to do?
1.  Complete your Topic Approval Form, Commitment Contract, and Parent/Mentor Contract, and have them reviewed and approved by the Senior Project Committee.

2.  Begin your research on your BIG IDEA.

3.  Complete your fully documented and correctly formatted research paper .  (Your paper must be 5-10 pages according to your teacher's directions.)

4.  Work with your mentor or faculty advisor to complete your activities, fieldwork, and/or product.  You must complete 15 documented hours for this portion.  You should have written, video, or pictorial reflections of your work.

5.  With the help of your teacher and Mrs. McBrayer, create a Google Site for your digital portfolio.  This portfolio should include the following:
  • A HOME page that includes the title of your project, a visual (picture) related to your project that hooks your audience, and a quote specific to your project.
  • An INTRODUCTION page that has formally written information (see sidebar for instructions) about you and your project process.
  • A DOCUMENTS page that includes uploaded documents (preferably in PDF format) relevant to your project.  This page should be organized and include at least the following:  Approved Topic Approval Form, Final Draft of Research Paper, Self Evaluation, Mentor Evaluation, and Project Reflection/Verification Logs.
  • A VIEW THE PROJECT page that includes pictures, video, or other relevant artifacts that help your audience get a glimpse into what you learned and the process by which you learned it.
  • A GRATITUDE page that gives thanks and/or credit to others for their contributions to your project.
6.  After practicing at least once for your English teacher and once for your Lead Judge, present your 7-10 minute professional presentation to a panel of judges and confidently answer and questions they might have for you.

7.  Celebrate your success in completing a challenging, real-world project that has hopefully impacted you and others!
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