Hybrid Schedule

Hello Hilltoppers!

On September 1st, the RCS Board of Education approved the start of hybrid learning.  Partial in-person instruction will begin Tuesday, September 8th.  Students should observe the following instructions carefully:

Students are expected to check Canvas daily for announcements, Zoom meetings, and updates.  Hybrid students are expected to participate in remote learning instruction on days they are not in the school building.  

**No student should arrive before 7:30 am as they will not be permitted to enter the building.  There will be no waiting area available. **

All students are expected to self-check temperatures before arriving at the school.  

Car Riders:  Car riders must be dropped off at the front of the building Main Office or JROTC entrances.  They are not permitted to exit the vehicle before temperature is checked.  Students with temperatures above 100.4 will not be allowed to exit the vehicle.  Parents of car riders should not drop off and leave students before required health screening.

Bus Riders:   Bus riders must complete Bus Attestation forms daily before being admitted onto the bus. Temperatures will be checked again, at the school, before entry.  Students who fail the entry check must be picked up by a parent/guardian immediately.   Bus riders will enter the building at the commons entrance only. 

Student Drivers:  Student drivers are no longer allowed to enter the building through commons or elevator entrances.  They must now use the vocational and social studies hallway entrance.  Students who fail entry requirements will be sent back home.   

Upon arrival and completion of required health screening, students will report directly to their first period of the day.  A grab-and-go breakfast opportunity will be given to students on the way to their classrooms. Meals will be eaten in classrooms and not in the cafeteria.  An opportunity for lunch will be given in the classroom of the second period of the day.  Food deliveries from outside of the school will not be permitted.  

Students must practice the three W’s while on campus:  Wear a mask, Wait six feet apart and Wash their hands often.

Zoom meeting times are  listed in Canvas.  Please note, times may be altered from remote learning times.   If at any time you are unable to meet through Zoom, please email your teachers to let them know. 


There will be no assigned times for homeroom meetings. All attendance will be taken daily, by each period teacher. 

Student Parking Applications will be available through student email. The $15 Fee will be paid during the 2nd semester.  

Bus Route information will be available 9/3.  Parents will receive a phone call about pick-up and drop-off times.